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Nothing Short of Institutional Transformation: 

Commit to Racial Justice and Equity


Very rarely do institutions fully acknowledge that white power and privilege remains pervasive within their walls and exists to no small degree on the cumulative wealth built by Land stolen from Indigenous people and Lives stolen from enslaved Black people.  This original taking of livelihood, liberties and opportunities continues through subtle and overt practices in these institutions.  Furthermore, the damage of prejudice extends to other populations based on ethnicity, gender, physical abilities and more.  Thus, our work has a deep understanding of oppressed identities and the complex intersectionalities in their liberation.

At The Black and The Red Consulting Group, we provide complex frameworks for reckoning with these on-going injustices. Through close and longer-term collaboration, we help organizations hold themselves accountable to creating lasting institutional change.
The Black and The Red Consulting Group designs and offers meaningful solutions that speak to the specific equity needs of our clients.  It is our job to inspire and creatively inform institutions on how they can most effectively abolish their practices of systemic racism and bias in order for people of color and other marginalized groups to thrive.


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