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We work with clients in their commitment to make institutional change.  Our work begins with an initial consultation session with client representatives, where together we tailor the specific methodology best suited for their organizational progress. This typically includes comprehensive group seminars and trainings, collaborative development of evaluation methods with clear benchmarks and close ongoing advisement on how to achieve an equitable redesign of current hierarchies, decision-making processes, policies and practices. We have a focused approach and frameworks that push our clients to truly make fundamental progress.



Deliver applicable knowledge that best translates to organizational and individual action.


Provide tools and define conditions for institutional equity.


Identify and establish accountability methods for sustainable change.

Therefore, we firmly believe that institutions must make far-reaching and often uncomfortable systemic transformations, especially during these urgent times.  Anything less than this would be antithetical to our philosophy. To learn more about how we can support your racial equity goals, schedule an initial consultation with us.

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